My try at poetry

Deep in the dark,
A nightangle sings,
A serene melody,
About love that nature brings,

With sweet words,
A dark meaning,
A lonely bird in the night,
The music continues to ring.


Lizzie Lindquist

First of all, I would like to dedicate this post entirely to Lizzie. She is my best friend and the best companion anyone could ever have. We met at school just a year ago, yet we are really close. At the end of the year last year, she had to move to Idaho, and I had to switch schools. We were both really sad. I thought we would lose touch. But things worked out differently.

Months ago, we did lose touch. We stopped emailing each other like we used to do. Then one day, we both had the urge to email the other. For a few days, we were in touch, we emailed back and forth and it finally seemed like I was talking directly to her again. But after a week, we lost touch again. After waiting for 2 weeks, I gave up. I didn’t want to wait, so I just had fun with my new friends. But somewhere in the back of my mind, Lizzie was always there. Finally, she emailed me a very long email today and I’m just so happy.

My Top 15 Favorite Songs (2019)



Happier – Marshmello feat. Bastille

Be Alright – Dean Lewis

Without Me – Halsey

Rockstar – Mackenzie Ziegler

Clarity – Zedd

Here – Alessia Cara

Can’t Help Me Now – Jayden Bartels

Nothing On Us – Mackenzie Ziegler

New You – Jayden Bartels

Somebody’s Heart – Annie LeBlanc

Photograph – Annie LeBlanc

Impossible – Shontelle

Party In The Usa – Miley Cyrus

Girls Like You – Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B

Lost In Japan – Shawn Mendes


How I deal with being nervous onstage.

You might think that you are the only one who freaks out before going onstage. Trust me, it’s not true. Everybody gets nervous. Some people just deal with it better than others. And then over time, you get used to performing and you just don’t worry anymore. 

I first performed when I was 2 or 3. I had to naarrate goodbye in Japanese. I still remember the lines:

Sayonara, Sayonara

I’ll be back tomorrow,


I went onstage happily and wasn’t really nervous. But when I finished my lines, people started clapping. I was afraid of the sound, so I ran offstage and into my dad’s arms. But that was just my first time. I didn’t realize how much I loved performing. I just like the idea that everyday life gives you the opportunity to put yourself out there and show the world what you’re capable of.

Ever since that, I have been performing with dance. Once I moved to America, I started doing every style there was. I get really stressed before a tap dance. I feel like I just can’t keep up with the rest of the team. How do you move your feet so fast to the music?

But luckily I found ways to deal with my stress. Here they are:

  • Before every dance performance, it’s the three Ws. Water, water, and water.
  • Take a deep breath, sit down, and run the performance over in your head.
  • According to me, beliving everything will go perfectly, is false hope. Instead, vow to do the best you can.
  • Talk to a friend about how they feel. You may not be alone.
  • Get ready. They may skip someone else and go directly to you. Be prepared to go first or last.
  • Have fun. Don’t focus on winning, just try to feel the best you can. It helps you get better.

I hope this article helped you.

I wrote this when I was 9 years old…

I wrote this story when I was 9 years old. I know the parts are really short, (I realize that now.) but I didn’t want to edit it because I like to keep things original.



Floppy- A Bunny’s Tale

Part 1

A Carrot Day

I do not like carrots anymore. Now, it might seem a little bit strange for a bunny to say, but when you’ve had carrots all week, it gets tiring. Oh, sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. I am Floppy, a boring old bunny who sits in a cage all day and eats carrots. I’d rather be an adventurous bunny who lives in the woods and has an exciting life. But life is unfair. I’s just what it is. Now, you might be wondering how I reached this house. Well, it’s quite simple. My mama was caught from the woods and sold to a girl named Ashley. My mama then had a baby; me, and died. So since then I’m stuck here, when I’m supposed to be running wild in the woods with my bunny friends.


This whole week, my family is away. They left me with a boring babysitter, or should I say “bunny-sitter”. She sits around watching TV all day, barely has time to go to the market, so just feeds me 2 meals a day of leftover CARROTS.


Part 2


My family’s back and I’m relieved. NO MORE CARROTS!!! But unfortunately, I couldn’t talk to my family about the carrot situation and lunch is CARROTS. At dinner, finally, I have lettuce. I am very picky and don’t really like lettuce, but I’ll eat anything, except for carrots. Amy, my family’s next door neighbor, came in to the the house just now. I started to pretend to sleep. She usually cradles me and hugs me so tight that I almost get suffocated. Today, when Ashley led her to the veranda, where my cage was, I shut my eyes tight and curled up into a ball, as if sleeping. “Too bad,” I heard Ashley say. “Floppy’s sleeping. He doesn’t like to be disturbed in his sleep, you know. I’m sorry Miss Amy. I hope you come again. Floppy sure likes your hugs.” Out of the corner of my eye I saw Amy nod, sadly.


That night, Ashley tucked me in, lovingly. She put a bunny-sized blanket over me leaving only my head out. “Good night, Floppy.” she said. “Good- nighty” I said. Ashley looked confused. She sighed. “I wish I could understand you, Floppy.” she said. “Me too” I yelled, as she went into the house.


Part 3

A dream or real?

I poked my head out of the bars of my cage. I thought I heard something whooshing. But I couldn’t see anything. I shook my head and lay down again. But there it was. The whooshing sounded again. This time I also felt a breeze over or in front of my cage. I looked up and gasped. A beautiful rabbit was hovering in front of my cage. There was a golden glow surrounding her. It didn’t take me very long to realize who it was. “Mama?” I asked, astounded. The rabbit smiled. “Yes. Hi Floppy.” she replied. I stared at her for a long time. “Mama, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be Rabbit Heaven?” I asked, finding my tongue. “Yes dear.” she said. “I have been sent on a very important task. You have been promoted to being the EB.” I was in shock. “The Easter Bunny? But that’s amazing!” I said. My mama nodded. “Yes! I am proud of you, Floppy.” She flew into my cage and gave me a hug. “Bye!” she said. Then she faded away. The Easter Bunny? I still couldn’t believe it. Had I just seen my mama? I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Ow! That hurt. I picked the basket of candy my mama had left me and hopped away into the night to deliver them.

By midnight, I was back in my cage sleeping peacefully.


Part 4

Me, The Easter Bunny!

Last night, being the Easter bunny was so much fun! I loved the fact that I would get to do this every year. I smiled throughout the day, even when I was almost suffocated by Amy. Even when I had to eat carrots for lunch. AGAIN.

I wrote this when I was 8 years old

I wrote this story when I was 8 years old. I kind of like the storyline.

Rover- A Dog’s Tale


I struggled to catch my breath. My family thought that dogs should be exercised and went a little bit overboard. Oh sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I am Rover, a famous dog, who has traveled to the moon 15 times. That may seem unusual for a dog, but it’s true. I belonged to a space explorer before my family adopted me. She sent me on journeys to many planets, and most importantly, the moon. Miley, the space explorer is my best friend. Or should I say, was. She passed away last year, when her rocket crashed. That’s when I was sent to the dog pound, and my current family adopted me.


My new family is known as the Millers. There is a little girl, Theresa Miller, a boy, John Miller, and their parents, Mr and Mrs Miller. Mrs Miller likes to research a lot. That led her to believe that dogs needed exercise. Since then, I had to play and exercise 2 hours a day. Theresa is 4 and goes to Brookville Elementary School. She is naughty, which cheers me up. John is very quiet and dignified. He is a very obvious introvert. He hardly has any friends, and barely talks out of the house. Mr Miller is carefree and easygoing. He always encourages living in the present and to enjoy every moment.


One night, in the dark garage, I heard a big BOOM! Not knowing it was lightning, I crept out of the garage. I shouldn’t have done that, for just then a thunderstorm began. I started to creep back into the garage. Just as I was about to whisk my tail in, a flash of lightning struck it, knocking me to the ground. After that, everything went black. A few moments later, I was blinded by a bright light. My eyes took a minute to adjust and then I slowly rose up. I started walking, though I didn’t know on what. All I could see around me was a white light. It felt like I was….. flying. Suddenly, I saw a familiar face. It didn’t take me very long to realize who it was. “Miley???” I gasped. I could talk! “Miley?” I whispered again. Miley turned to look at me, and smiled. “You’re finally here.” she whispered back. That’s when I realized, I wasn’t alone. Many people were passing me, all busy with their own work. But Miley was dead. Did…. Did that mean I was in heaven? I died? It took me a minute to absorb all of that. But then, I ran into Miley’s open arms and we sailed off into the light.


About 1 or 2 decades later, I was reunited with the Miller parents, for they soon joined me in heaven.

So…That was my story. Tell me if you like it.


I just got and made some really simple, yet pretty bracelets for Christmas. Here are a few pictures of them. Let me know if you like them.

I made this one with thread

This is one I got for Christmas. Made by Rituparna Banerjee.

I love both of these bracelets. Comment which one you like better.